What girl doesn’t love adding a new purse –handbag, pocketbook or whatever you call them in your neck of the woods– to her collection?  Um, I know I do!  But what about a bag that does double duty?  A bag that not only carries your lipgloss, eyelash curler and phone, but also carries your gear?  Yes, I know there are other bags out there that have compartments for those things too, but are they as cute *and* functional?  I’ve had a couple of bags, which were such a pain in the a-s-s (and will remain nameless).  One of the bags I couldn’t get lenses in and out of fast enough and it felt sloppy.  The other bag was fugly and had this annoying velcro that was a big dislike for me in the middle of a ceremony and one time it even snagged my shirt.  Boo to that!  So now onto my new bag.  My new Kelly Moore Bag.  (Insert the sound of angels singing.) I had known of the Kelly Moore Bags for sometime, but what I don’t know is why I didn’t get one sooner, but I digress.  So I finally ordered one, the B-Hobo to be exact.  No velcro, no fugly design, completely functional, all the while looking killer over my shoulder.  It brings a smile to my face and we all know smiling’s my favorite (cool points if you can name the movie that line is from.  ;) ).   I seriously want one in every color and the Classic and Posey bags too.  :)  If you want to see more details and descriptions of the bag then I’ll spare you from more of my ramblings because Kelly Moore has lots of images of the bag and a video demo to boot on her site (http://kellymoorebag.com).  So hurry up, head on over there and pick out which one you want for yourself too, because after all, all the cool kids are doing it.  ;)

PS:  She also carries a rad men’s line.

PPS: Another thing I really, really, reeeeeallllllyyyy love… My new Nikon D700, with which these images where taken with.  Switching from Canon never felt so good.  Holler!

:) + xoxo


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