Sorry I’ve been a little removed from blogging, but that is because… I had a BABY (a post to follow about him soon)!!!  My sweet little boy, Cole Timothy Lion came into this world early, totally not concerned with my plans as I had two more weddings to shoot before I went on official maternity leave.  I was in shock, as my pregnancy was picture perfect — I felt great, labs were great, I was shooting all season and even going to Crossfit up until the day before he was born.  It was a slightly dramatic entrance into the world with some minor complications and even in the midst of it, I knew I had to have these last two weddings covered.  With a back up plan in place and with the amazingly tight photography community Connecticut has I knew I didn’t have to worry about it being covered.  Long story short, I was able to entrust the day to two very talented and wonderful photog gal pals of mine, Megan Labarbera from Creative Image Collections and my trusty second shooter, Renee Descoutures.  As I returned home with the baby they sent me texts throughout the day telling me how beautiful and fun each wedding was.  Then, a few days after they came over to drop off their images for me to process (and to snuggle Cole of course).  I would be remiss if I didn’t show a few images from these two weddings that they shot beautifully.

Thank you, Meg + Renee.  I’m so grateful for your talent, your hard work and your friendship. xo

Congratulation to Catharine + Nate and Amy + Drew!  I wish I could have been at two places at once…



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