About Me 2014_0003

Honestly, I must say that I feel slightly corny + cliché writing my own “about me” section.  I feel obliged to tell you of my love of images or even what led me down the path of photography.  However, my hope is that you have a keen eye and my work speaks to you what I cannot write about myself.

I will say that I believe photography is a binary of sorts; it is a constant evolution, yet nothing is entirely original.  I strive to better my work with each assignment.  I give direction, but try not to manufacture moments.  In years to come, my desire is that my work will evoke the same emotions as the day it was captured.

Now a little trivial information about me… I have lived in five states, settling in Connecticut.  I am Hispanic, but do not speak Spanish.  I am both wildly extroverted and partially introverted.  I’d eat ice cream everyday if I could and I think cilantro should be a gum flavor.  I almost always snort when I laugh.  I am completely comfortable at a swanky bar or a hole-in-the-wall tavern.  I’m sort of quirky, passionate and extremely thankful.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together and learn more about you!


*Member of Professional Photographers of America

Photo by:  Growing Tree Photography