About Me

I love photographing authentic and unabashed love stories.

I want to artistically document and tell the story that means the most to you. Whether you’re planning your wedding day or it’s your ever changing and growing family. I want to preserve these moments—big or small—in time for you.

About Me 2014_0003

I live in Connecticut with the raddest, long-haired little boy. The gift of being his mother is too big for me to comprehend. 

I have 2 dogs: Campbell, my maltipoo and Jack, a teddybear of a pit. My son is crazy for them.

I have lived in 5 states: Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma and settling here in CT.

I am a non-Spanish speaking Mexi. My friends often think it’s hilarious to interpret common Spanish phrases like, “hasta la vista”. Har, har, har…

I like to think of myself as girlie, like I love all the usual girl things such as hair and makeup. However, I can also belch like a man and when I’m home I live in sweats. 

I hate scary movies and the local news, except the weather, but that’s what the internet is for.

I am super passionate about mayo and cilantro. I’ll dip my fries in mayo and I’m still waiting for a cilantro-mint gum to come out. 

I sing quite a bit throughout the day as if life were a musical. Having a kid only encourages, or some could argue, makeS said singing worse. 

Ironically, I have a reputation for messing up the lyrics to songs.

My biggest goal in life is to walk in love daily.

A Member of Professional Photographers of America

Photo by:  Growing Tree Photography