Oct 25, 2017
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Documenting the first hours to days of becoming a new family or when siblings and/or grandparents meet the baby for the first time, and preserving the memory of what would otherwise become a blur of a hospital or birth center stay with your new little one are what the Fresh 48 sessions are all about.

As for this Fresh 48, I photographed the welcoming of Reese. Reese is the 3rd addition of my dear friend, Jess, and her husband, Justin, who have a set of 4 year-old twins (Cole’s buddies ♥). Jess had me come hours after she got out of recovery from her planned c-section so I could be there when the twins met Reese for the first time. I was also fortunate to be there when a few grandparents visited, too.

Photographing these incredibly sweet moments of becoming a family or adding one to the family is as special and fleeting as it looks. And, trust me when I say fleeting because if you haven’t been through it yet it is a blink! It’s one minute you’re all preggo and then, BAM! Hi, fragile new person! And, then there are the honorable mentions of: hormones, sleeplessness, nurses constantly doing checkups, and visitors. It’s a whirlwind and before you know it, you’re home having to adjust to a new norm. So, all of that to say is this is certainly worthy of being documented, so it can be remembered and treasured forever. ♥
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