I learned that high schools in Connecticut contract with a photography studio for the senior portraits of the graduating class.  From what I have seen, they’re outdated and corny.  Enter:  Me.  I don’t want to photograph the whole school.  What I want is a select number of girls — the ones who want something different and the ones who want to show off their unique personality + style.  Enter:  Philippine + Gabby.  I met Philippine at LF where she used to work.  Aside from being adorable with her I-want-to-make-a-wig-out-of-her-gorgeous-long hair and beautiful smile, she’s bubbly + fashion forward.   After talking I knew she’d be a perfect fit for my studio as a senior rep.  Looking for an additional rep, Philippine introduced me to Gabby.  Gabby’s also bubbly, outgoing, and sweet.  We got to scheduling a joint session and because I want the girls to feel beautiful all of my packages include hair and makeup.  Enter: My girl, Amy of Catie and Amy.  Amy’s styling is dope and unparalleled.

You should have seen the obscene amount of clothes they brought with them. Amy and I loved how bold and uninhibited they were with their style, which actually made me think to myself that I need to loosen up the self-expressive belt.  After all, YOLOOOO!  So after hair and makeup was done and outfits chosen we made our way to Edgergton Park in New Haven.  I started out photographing Philippine and as we switched each would run to their car to change into their next outfit.  It was cold and drizzling that day, so I’m grateful Amy actually was able to tag along and help with their hair. 

It was so much fun photographing them and look forward to what the future brings with breaking into the senior market.  I’m already starting to look for reps for 2015, so if you or you know someone who is interested holler atcha girl (click contact above ↑)!

connecticut senior photographer_01

connecticut senior photographer_04

connecticut senior photographer_02

connecticut senior photographer_05

connecticut senior photographer_03

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connecticut senior photographer_09

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  • just wanted to say that you freaken rock. that is all. carry on.

  • In anger, Lord Tywin sends everyone, except for the Tyrion, out of his tent.
    If you can repeatedly set up an overhead swing and rush forward to unleash it on an enemy as he reaches the top of ladder then you’ll quickly make a pile of corpses.
    Pulling off several kills with a Short Sword, for example, will improve your One Handed Weapons rating.

  • These photos are aboltusely amazing. I love them. They definitely are a tear-jerker .in a good way. Kim & Andrew are such an attractive couple. Amy, you are extremely talented and I enjoy looking at your work. Cheers!