Jan 10, 2015
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Since having my son, Cole, real life, documentary/storytelling family photography has become extremely important to me. It’s the moments in our daily routine that fill our memories. It’s walking by my son’s room seeing him surrounded by all the books he’s pulled off the shelf, squatting + turning the pages of an upside-down book. It’s watching him learn to use silverware when he takes 1 bite with a fork, yet 4 more bites with his other hand, all the while making a huge mess. It’s catching him climb on to the toilet, grab my brush off the counter and put it to his head attempting to brush his hair. Or, it’s a moment like today when he was sitting on my lap while I was cutting his nails and he would turn unprompted to give me a kiss. It’s not always neat and often times it feels chaotic, but this is what fills my memory. These are the stories that I tell his dad when he comes home from work and the ones I want to preserve with photography (I also want to do this for you!). 

So, I was really excited when my good photog friend, Sara from Growing Tree Photography out of Lancaster, PA text and asked me if I wanted to simultaneously do a photo project with her centered around photographing our kiddos and blog posting our favorites once a week. I’ve decided to tailor my project, 52 WEEKS, to document everyday life with Cole and pick at least one or more of my favorites to post. And, since I’m a week behind, here are my favorites from last week. 





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