May 14, 2015
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Week 19: My baby’s first haircut.

Cole has been known for his head of hair since birth and the thought of cutting it felt like I would be committing a mortal sin. Not because I’m one of those mothers who’s attached to his baby hair, because I have already envisioned the kind of cut I’d want him to have should the day come that we cut it short. But his flow is his trademark and part of his natural steeze. So, before you get all up in arms on whatever side of the fence you’re on (cutting it short or keeping it long), he just had a trim. Parts of his hair grew in longer or faster than others and around 6 months old he got one of those baboon bald spots, which left him with a sort of uncentered rat tail if you will. I couldn’t take his little lion’s mane to just anyone or God forbid one of those kid’s cut places, so I took him to my hairstylist, whom I love so much and she cleaned it up perfectly. Actually, a number of friends didn’t even notice he got it cut. :)

From potty training, to talking in full sentences (toddler style), to a hair cut — my little babe is no baby anymore. *Sniff.






When I handed him a few pieces of his hair, my sweet boy looked at it and then held it up to his hair, like he was putting it back. (h)


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