When I first met Tayler I was immediately taken by her striking eyes and her personal style.  I love this girl; she’s sweet, has style and is precocious, witty and funny.  If you knew her, you’d love her too.  I was stoked that she wanted to forgo who her school recommended for senior portraits–you know that old school look of  propping your elbow on a vertical cutout of the word senior with a cheesy grin–and instead she wanted to walk around New Haven with me to rock it.

Enjoy & Hugs,


Perhaps I’m biased, but don’t you think she looks like she belongs in an Urban Outfitters catalog?

Lord knows I loves me some ice cream and would never oppose a pit stop for some.  I had to quickly devour my cone (it’s ok, I’m an ice cream eating pro) and grab some shots of her at the same time.

Since yellow is her favorite color, and when I say favorite, I mean like obsessed, I had to throw her up against this wall.  \m/

Her cuteness on a scale of 1-10?  It’s a 10… duh!

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  • You really captured her personality! Looks like a really fun shoot!

  • Athena – I LOVE these pictures!
    Tayler looks absolutely amazing and you DEFINITELY have a talent to be able to capture her unique style and personality in your pics :)

  • I know how to leave a comment now! These are soooo good- great job and a great eye! And Tayler is so cute! Very photogenic! My favorite is the BW close-up of her smiling.

  • aaroncaycedokimura

    Nice job, Athena! And nice blog post. All great with my fav being the close up BW of her smiling. Keep shooting away!

  • You captured her smile perfectly. I echo the above comment, the close-up smile is my favorite.

  • OMG!!! I love these pictures! They are beautiful!-She’s beautiful! So not like the traditional senior pictures everyones used to. They look like they could be out of a magazine! You’re awesome!

  • Athena,
    These shots of Tayler are georgous!!! Holy cow girl, great job!! I agree with the masses….love the close up of my girl!

  • Melissa-Anne Brown

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
    Do mine:)

  • Athena
    This was such a fun day. Thank you for being an awesome photographer and saving me from creepy Robert Taylor. I love all the pictures, almost as much as I love you….which is a ridiculous amount of love for one girl to feel for another girl. I miss you in my life and hopefully we get to hang soon. [=

  • Oh my gosh girl your pics keep getting better! These are totally “Tayloresque” (or however you spell that). I LOVE THEM! I can’t wait for the next post.

  • Athena…who’s better than you?

  • Gina, Julia & Kristina

    Tayler is stunning! WOW~~~~ Girls rule!

    ps- Great work Athena!

  • Athena…These are amazing pics! Taylor looks gorgeous in all of them! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Athena, you are amazing!!!! The pics are beautiful!!!

  • Athena, truly a fantastic job. I am so honored you come shoot with me on weddings. AWESOME!

  • Athena,
    The pictures are incredible you really are a great photographer. These pictures look like they should be in a catalogue. Do you think you can add spell checker for the comment field. I need it!

  • Velvet Buchanan

    I am SOOOO

  • Velvet Buchanan

    What I meant to say is…..I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU! These pics are amazing. She does have amazing eyes. You really have an amazing talent! I’m having a hard time picking my favorite….probably the ice cream one;)Actually, I love one when she’s sitting in a chair and her hands are by her face..AWESOME!

  • Where were you in 1989, when I was graduating! Mine had that nice striped background and I think a fake ladder was involved. You have found your talent (well one of many). Your photos just keep getting better and better.

  • Such great emotion showing through these images. Great meeting you last night too!

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