Remember when you were a kid, about 10-years old and you got a short hair cut that looked like a helmet + kind of made you look like a boy?  No, was I *the* only one?  Well, I swear kids today are so much cuter and fashionable than when I was kid.  And Gianna happens to be one of those super cute and fashionable kids.  Her mom, Lisa, is a friend of mine and is always put together.  In fact, I have sent her texts when I wanted a second opinion on my purchases.  :)  So by default Gig–as she’s affectionately known–has things in her closet that I’d wear!

Anyhoo…  Lisa has two beautiful canvases she ordered from me on her wall of her other daughter and one of the whole fam.  However, there’s a spot reserved on the wall waiting for a canvas of Gig.  Hence the reason for the mini sesh we scheduled.  We decided to hit up downtown Milford and since it was a another one of those bitter cold winter days we had we all froze together, but it was still fun.  I do love time with those girls.

Enjoy! xo


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  • thank u soooooo much athena u r amazing!!!!! the last one is deff my favorite!!! <3333