My sweet & fit friend, Tina, whom I met at my gym (CrossFit Milford) has two cutetastic girls that she wanted portraits of.  Of course I was honored that she wanted me to capture their doll faces.  At first we looked for a barn with horses and other animals.  We came up short on the animals, but Tina scored a sweet barn in our neck of the woods on another beautiful fall day, (Mother Nature making up for our rainy summer).  I’d say that we came up long (however you say the opposite of coming up short) on the shots.

Enjoy & Hugs,


The girls sneaked a peak as their parents kissed and then squealed, “Eww…”  So funny!

You don’t have to ask me twice to get ice cream.  :)

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  • Nice work, Athena!

  • If I’m ever in the area, I’m totally callin’ you up to take our family photos. You do good work. :0)

  • I’m loving all your work!! You’re doing awesome, wish i was there to take advantage of you!!

  • You have such a gift, I love your work and can’t wait to get on the list for some pics.

  • FINALLY- sorry it’s taken so long! This is a fun session! My favorites are the one with the full barn and the four of them in the corner, and also the one of the Converse. xoxox

  • Kelli Cornwell

    No doubt you “came up long”! These are great! I love the colors! Once again great job sweet friend!