Back in October my husband had the honor of becoming the godfather of his long-time friend’s son, Christian.  Our friends have such a gorgeous family and we love being a part of their lives and getting to see their kiddos grow.  Here are my favorite highlights from the christening.

Enjoy & Hugs,


Some quick shots outside the church of their family & godparents.  It doesn’t look it, but it was a very chilly fall day!  (Big sister, Paige’s smile cracks me up.)

WARNING:  Baby Christian is so cute, he’ll give you the baby aches!

Could this little man’s white suit be any more ridiculous?!  What a baby stud.

Babies love the lens.

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  • Kelli Cornwell

    What a beautiful baby! I love how you captured his eyes. They look like they’re glowing! And you’re right about the baby aches!

  • Great Photos as usual Athena, love it!

  • Girl, you do it everytime! I can’t wait till I have a special time in my life when I want it captured…no one else I’d go to! You daaa best!

  • Great pictures again! (of course!) I love all of your angles!!

  • Velvet Buchanan

    AMAZING! I LOVE THOSE EYES. Those pics capture him so well!

  • Wow the picture of Christian just after being baptized is so beautiful…it brings tears to my eyes…keep on snapping girl!

  • Sorry I am just now looking at this, but my excuse is that I was out of town when you posted, and I can’t see the pics on my phone. Anyway…nice work! I like the subtlety of the colors, and you really captured some great expressions! Also, great job capturing the loveliness of his eyes.

  • hey sorry to just be viewing this now- but fabulous work!truly outstanding! you have got to come to seattle/portland and take pictures of my kids! :) love ya