I shot this family session at the home of the Edwards on a brisk fall day.  I met and became friends with their family through one of my BFs, so I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph their daughters, Mia + Gabby.  I mean look at them, they’re like live dolls.  Dolls with eyelashes that even Brooke Shields’ promoted Latisse couldn’t grow.  I love their family and I loved that I got to photograph them.

I love when babies like to playfully scream.  I don’t know if their parents feel the same way though.  :)

Mia joined in because who wants to be left out of the fun?

To challenge herself, she reads it upside down.

Clearly play-doh is better eaten than played with.

Stef and Jack, thanks for having me capture your girls!  And PS:  I hope in the New Year we can actually get that movie night in we’ve been talking about for forever and then, Steph, I’ll teach you how to text!   xoxo

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