Lauren and I go way back…back to High School in Washington State.  Her older sister and I were inseparable best friends and so by default, Lauren was like a little sister to me too.  Yes, that means she had to endure the obnoxiousness of our cheering, singing and dancing in the car, re-enactments of SNL skits and God knows what else.  Ahh, some of those memories still make me laugh.

Years later I moved to Connecticut and then incidentally, Lauren moved out here too.  Crazy, right?!  Thankfully we stayed connected and it was like having family here.

Then last summer when she and Tom were over for a BBQ Lauren told me she was having a baby.  I got to see an ultrasound image, which kind of looked like she was carrying a little hamster, (I wasn’t the only one that thought that by the way)!  I was so excited for her!  Lauren is silly and fun.  She doesn’t have a pretentious bone in her body and is honest, caring and loyal.  All things that I know will make her an amazing mother.

So since then the little hamster, who actually wasn’t so little, was born weighing in at a solid 9lbs 11oz.  Then shortly after her little family relocated to Florida because of Tom’s job.  Now I’m looking forward to Lauren visiting, so I can meet her little man and see her again.

Here are my favorite frames from her maternity session that I shot around downtown Fairfield.

Love you Lauren!  So happy for you and Tom.  Can’t wait to meet and snuggle Mason.  xo

So them!

Gotta love preggo cleave!

Probably my favorite shot of the day.  Talk about pregnancy glow!


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  • Rock it! ( and Lmao over the “preggo cleave” comment )
    Love these Athena! SO glad you get to go to Florida and see your friend again! Have a safe trip girl !

  • Athena,
    You are a lucky photographer–all preggo ladies you have photographed are gorgeous preggas!!!! hahahaha But Seriously,I love the last B&W picture on stairs.
    Great Job!!!

  • Gorgeous! What a beautiful mommy to be and daddy to be too :) I really love the shadow shot. Great job!