Judy + Tommy live in the City, so we met there for their engagement session, hitting up spots that are sentimental to them. I had such a good time hobnobbing around (who uses the word hobnob these days?) and getting more acquainted before their June wedding. They were a little nervous to be in front of the camera, but as you will see below the camera loved them.

Grand Central Station Engagement Picture

NYU Engagement Session


I told Judy I wanted to make a wig out of her hair. I’m still letting her think about it.

The image below is out of focus + I’ll admit it, it was unintentional. Of course I have an almost identical frame that’s in focus, but there’s something about the blur that I just love. Thoughts?

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  • Great work, girl! Loving all the 70-200 smooshy compressed backgrounds. And I love the blurry image, too. It shows movement and intimacy. I love to intentionally blur images using manual focus for the same effect, so I think it’s a really lucky that you ended up with this one, even though it was unintentional :)

  • Thanks so much for commenting, Ali! :) Funny thing, I actually never used the 70-200 that whole session. :) xo

  • You capture “life” in your pictures. Which I love.:) ~V