Once again I had the pleasure of attending another Raw Photo Design workshop packed with all sorts of boudoir goodness: models, hair, makeup, sexy lingerie and of course, Eric’s boudoir experience.

Boudoir by definition means a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. However, in the photography world boudoir is a chance to let a woman put aside her inhibitions and let herself be captured as a pinup girl or lingerie model to surprise her man with an unexpected sexy gift. I don’t know if many of you have considered a boudoir session, but maybe after seeing how the images can be tastefully done, you’ll want to put one in the books. ;)

Also, big thanks to Eric & Amber for showing me thy ways. Y’all rock!

Enjoy my favorites…



The model was posed in a tight setting, so I worked around another photog.

What would a RAW workshop be without some off-camera lighting?

Oh here there, Eric!  Thanks for the tunes.  ;)

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  • AWESOME Job Athena…. LOVE Erics Boudoir pose…. LMAO
    Sad I had to miss this one at last minute!
    I like the voyeristic feel you give to the third picture by doing the shoot through though. NICE! ;-)

  • Dannnnnng girl! NICE WORK!!! I personally liked the background info on what Budoir means ;) You definitely were able to make this shoot tasteful….something to put in the books for the future! haha

  • What a great idea! Not sure if I would be brave enough to do it though, but they were done so nicely! Great job AGAIN Athena!

  • Lovely pictures!! You may be laughing that I said lovely, but that is the word that popped in my head when I was looking at them. Great job!

  • Great body of work Athena, just wanted to reach out and say thanks for all your phone help on the land of blogging. I got it up and now for the fine tuming. Thanks again and have a great weekend.