Ahh, man’s best friend, the canine. Ours is a little messy Maltese mix that’s always excited to see us and is full of energy. She follows us around the house, gets gross eye boogers (tears) that stain her fur, loves walks and belly rubs. I’m really happy we made it through the tough puppy stage, because now she’s really a treat. My husband and I got our puppy, Campbell, (yes, like the soup, but no, not named after the soup) the day before Thanksgiving. She was 8-weeks old and she was so much smaller than we expected, weighing in just shy of two pounds. Now we’ve had her almost 6 months and now she weights about 7 pounds, which is smaller than we were told she’d be. She’s come such a long way in terms of training & obedience – she sits, shakes and fetches. Now we’re working on more advanced skills like taming her bark and learning respect (that Dog Whisperer makes it look so easy). So since she’s staying overnight at the vet tonight I thought it would a nice time for her blog debut.



PS: Gotta hand it to pet photographers, because shooting her was no walk in the park.  She moves so fast & it’s hard to keep her attention.  It wasn’t the easiest holding the camera & a ball in my other hand, faking her out that I’d throw it.  :)  I think I’ll stick to just being a modern portrait photographer. :)

Back when we first got her she fit in my husband’s ginormous hands.

She’s really doing well with her crate training. I definitely think that’s the way to go for house breaking. :)

She is a wicked fast little booger.

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