Stella. How cute is the name Stella?  I was so thrilled when my friend found out the sex of her lovely daughter.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I love when people find out the sex.  You get to buy blue or pink, paint a room + confirm the name.  So I was very happy when my sweet friend chose the name Stella.  It had been a name that I had tucked away for some time + shared with her. I’d like to think that I somehow get credit in the naming department, but her mom already had it in mind.  Great minds think alike, right?! :)

I remember the days right before Stella was born.  I’d watch her mom walk around the office hallways, hands + feet swollen, anxiously wondering when she’d go into labor + all the guesstimating.  Then finally Stella came into the world, past her due date, after Thanksgiving weighing in perfectly at 7 pounds and 7 ounces. I think she looks just like her lovely mom, don’t you?  And just as cute as her name is, Stella is even cuter!

Enjoy + Hugs,


PS: Kinga + Daniel, perhaps you should start on that second one. You know, since Stella’s so perfect and all. Just sayin’… ;) ;) ;)

Can you say eyelashes?!

I think this is where Stella was trying to tell us that she just wanted to sleep. Those position + “wardrobe changes” for modern newborn photography are exhausting!

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  • They’re all great, but that last one made me think for just a sec. that having another baby might be something to consider. ;0)

  • Beautiful Athena! What a precious newborn…love those toes!

  • CUTE BABY!!!! absolutely adorable…3rd to last photo is great!

  • Wow…these are absolutely incredible! (and you know I love kids!)

    You captured some pretty breathtaking shots of this sleeping beauty! The parents have to be pumped to have these for the rest of their lives!

    So yeah…they are awesome :)

  • So cute!! My favorite is the hands and feet shot because, although I’m not a feet person, baby feet are cute. And I also love baby close-up shots. Go Athena!!

  • Athena, you are the Greatest!!!
    You captured my best memories.
    You know these pictures will hang on my walls soon, and every time I will pass them, I will smile ;)

    P.S Feet and Toes shot is my favorite too.