Last week my husband and I went to visit my family in Tulsa.  Obviously I had to do a session with them and now I won’t have to beg my sister for pics of her family, because now I’ll have my own.  (I know, I know, sis, you’ve had to beg me in the past for pics too. :)  ).  So this is a little sneak peek of what’s to come.  I couldn’t wait until I culled through the images and edited their session.  I had to put my favorite faces on my blogsite, like immediately.

Seriously, I love those girls so much that I have missing pangs all the time since we live so far apart.  Not only are my nieces GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS girls (did I say gorgeous?), but they’re amazing, smart, kindhearted, thoughtful, talented and funny!  Ok, ok, I’ll wait until their full post to brag.

So without further ado… my nieces.



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