Hong + Khuong chose downtown Norwalk for their engagement session.  I had to arrive early to scout out some spots because all I knew area were a couple of restaurants, (specifically Barcelona, which is one of my faves).  I had such a good time walking around talking about their wedding, traveling + laughing.  And I’m telling you, not just are Hong + Khuong ridiculously attractive, but they have killer smiles.  Can’t wait for these two to tie the knot *this* month!  Yay!

HugCoffee Shop

Norwalk Marina Dock

Favorite shot of the day!


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  • girl, these are incredible. i love that last shot like crazy!!!

  • Love ! ! Beautiful job Athena! Love the color! ;-) Beautiful couple too ! Caffeine…. my favorite little Coffee house! Love hanging out there!

  • Thanks for giving us these amazing memories to treasure for life!!! LOVE them! Absolutely cannot wait to see the rest of them! :)

  • Oh Athena, I love these! They’re great :) Love the bright colors and variety of locations/shots you got for them. Great job. I especially love the ones with her in the fedora and think that since she’s able to rock such high wedges, she definitely chose the right photographer to work with ;)