I met Mark at my gym a couple of years ago and through him met Katie.  We’ve become friends and have had some pretty fun summer nights out as a group.  And lucky  me, I get to see Mark’s mug pretty regularly at the gym where we came up with sweet *endearing monikers for each other (*endearing was sarcasm  ;)  ).  And for some reason, he and my husband call each other Steve.  I don’t get it…  Anyway, all that to say is that I was super excited when he and Katie got engaged and asked me to photograph their wedding!  Woop!  Their wedding isn’t until next June, but I’m excited to see how it all comes together because Mark has some crazy ideas, but Katie is the one who helps keep him grounded.  Good luck with that, girl.  haha!

In the meantime, enjoy my favorite frames from their NYC e-sesh.




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