Today is our dog, Campbell’s birthday. I suppose since I’m making a post for her birthday that kind of means that I’m “that” person. You know what I mean, that person who has an I-love-dogs-bumper sticker or refers to his pet as his baby? Ok, actually, I don’t do any of those things, so hopefully that clears me from being that person. But I am that person who really loves her dog. Actually, I’ve surprised myself with how much I can love an animal. I had a dog as a kid that I loved, but I guess since Campbell is my responsibility the love is different. And dogs really are loveable – especially mine. So Happy 1st–or is it 7th?–Birthday to our pup. :)

Enjoy + Hugs,


Campbell, eyeing her bday presents… The stink-ass bully stick. She LOVES those things.

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