Wow, I can’t believe this summer is over… And it really was great + crazy one.  Most of the great + crazy came from my two nephews, Kaleb + Zach who stayed with us for the summer.  Most of the days seemed to fly by, but then there were those perfect summer days that lasted forever.  I know this may sound cheese (especially coming from a photographer), but I’m so thankful for these images, as they’ll help permanently seal all the memories we made together.

Here’s a brief glimpse into our summer…



There was lots of fishing.  And side note:  my husband used to fish at this pond when he was a kid.  :)

While reeling in a fish we had a surprise visitor who thought we were bringing him dinner.  Meet Mr. Snapping Turtle.  It was always cute to hear my nephews re-tell the story… They’d say, “We caught a turtle!”

There was lots of berry picking.  Here we went for blueberries at
Jones Tree Farm.  (We also went Strawberry picking there too).

There was lots of amusement rides + games and Quassy had the perfect rides for their ages.

There were lots of backyard soccer games.  Mostly just the boys + Uncle Jeff, but then sometimes our whole family if they came over.  Love that my  father-in-law would play around (he’s 70!).  Almost every time Kaleb would play soccer he’d run into the house to wear my husband’s biking gloves to be like the goalies he saw during the World Cup.  And then there’s my puppy love, Campbell.  She would always chase the soccer ball, thinking the game was for her.

What kind of Aunt would I be if I didn’t teach my nephews how to cross their eyes?  1) Put your finger between your eyes, 2) Look at your finger, and 3) Pull your finger away without moving your eyes.

There was lots of swimming!  (Zach’s floaty gave me peace of mind + he loved it, so don’t hate. :) )

There was lots of down time.

And there were lots of laughs!  (PS:  Aren’t my nephews soooooooo handsome?!)

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  • Best thing ever. Tears. Proud to be your friend.

  • I felt like I was a part of this fun looking at your fantastic images! Nicely done as always.
    <3 MW

  • I loooooooooved these pictures! Yes they brought tears to my eyes! How precious are these memories and they will remember this summer forever!

  • so cute and so sweet. What an incredible summer for your family.

  • Very nice and what special memories you have captured

  • Tanya Hernadi

    These pictures are Amazing! I am soo thankful that the boys had this time with you both just to be boys..Love them soo much:)

  • What a sweet way to end the summer with this post! I love the second from the last photo – those boys are dangerously cute.

  • Beautiful photos! Looks like everyone had a great time, and I especially love the turtle shot :)

  • Your photos are great as always! Thanks for capturing our crazy fun summer together. I miss them already….143

  • Firmness,

    I think I like these pictures most because I can hear the boys when I look at them! Kaleb’s laugh and Zach’s “Not uh!” (I don’t know if I spelled that correctly!) And of course, “Miss Amanda!!!” or “Mr. Dan, can we play the bird game!?” ;)

    Awesome, handsome, loveable kids! Miss those two room steal-ers ;)